Friday, September 16, 2011

The Concrete Lampost

One tooth protrudes 
From my lower jaw
And there’s no evolutionary reason
For it to be for.
It does not enable me to
Spear or shred
Some special food
And I am not a unicorn
Nor no narwhal neither
So my tooth does not protrude
For sexual display or foreplay.

What it is is
A small yellow ivory monument to mischance.

One day,
Maybe about
My thousandth one alive
I walked along
Looking about
At the brave new world
When a great big concrete lamppost
Leapt up through the pavement
I looked to one side
And it sneaked up
In front of me.

My consciousness was impacted
By its very first fact.

The moral of this sorry tale
Is to crawl slowly and slimily
Like a snail
Don’t strut or run
Like an ape or an antelope
Or you will get smashed in the face
By a concrete lamppost
Like a hammer hitting a melon
Or a heavy goods vehicle
Running over a lemon.

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