Saturday, December 30, 2017


The black shouldered kite
Shakes his silver pinioned wings
And does what he has to do
Which is hover,
Then change position,
Slip-slide, ride the wind
And hover again;
Like a feathered helicopter
Over this scrappy, scrubby field.
The black shouldered kite’s red eyes
Know no pity and see through concealments,
To detect the urine traces of
Scurrying mice and voles
Which better had, scurry like mad,
For now the black shouldered kite is god here
And god is not love,
But a grey feathered raptor,
Which wants its dinner
And will feast on saint or sinner.
It will fold its slender wings and drop,
To spear you on sharp-clawed talons,
Carry you to the top of a telegraph pole
And eviscerate you.
The black shouldered kite

Don’t take no shite.

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