Friday, July 31, 2015


I make no claim to powers of prophecy, I wasn't the only one to see it, but I wrote this in about 2001, how tragic and shameful that nothing has changed.
There's someone running for a train.
As the train moves off down the track,
Someone doesn't stop,
Because he's come so far,
He's gotta catch the train,
There's no turning back.
And inside, the passengers sit back,
As the train gathers speed, rolling right on track,
Now they know they're safe on the train,
It should be in on time.
In comfortable seats they start to relax.
Someone makes a jump,
A desperate dive,
He might not get inside,
But, at least he'll get on board,
If he can hang on,
As it rolls down the track.
If he can find a handle.
Or something to grip,
With hands or feet or arms,
And fight off the cramp,
Then the train will take him too,
Then the train will take him far,
Then the train will make him safe,
Then the train will make him rich,
Or stop him being poor.
If he doesn't fall away,
As the train rolls away,
So that he rolls away as he falls onto the track.
And if he doesn't die right there,
As the passengers relax.
If he falls off the train,
And he doesn't break his back,
He'll get back up again,
Run for another train
Unless he changes the plan,
And adopts a different strategy,
In regard to the logistics
Of being a refugee.
He could float on a tyre
Or stowaway on a ship,
He could slip past a perimeter,
And get into the airport,
Or pretend to be cargo,
In the back of a van.
He could even buy permits, if he could find some money,
And sit back in the train,
As it rolls down the track,
Whilst someone else does the running,
Because they'll always be someone,
Running for the train,
Towards a dream before them,
With a nightmare at their back.

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