Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Badgerpeople

The superheroes of today
Have all long passed their sell-by date.
Super, Bat, Spider and Wolverine
Were all just marketed,
Like tubs of margarine.
And the truth is that
These yanks in tights
Defend capitalism with all their might.
But those who fight for another cause
Are padding through the dark
On their silent paws
And with faces striped in black and white
The Badgerpeople will join the class fight.
And when the light of a new day dawns,
There’ll goalposts planted in Tories’ lawns,
And from the poles there flies a banner:
“Cull the Bankers, not the Badgers.”
Capitalists may strengthen
Walls and gates,
But, it’s all too little and all too late,
As a different future now starts to take place

And it’s got black and white stripes on its furry face.

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