Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lament for a library: WILLESDEN 20/8/2013

Got off the bus
Bad dust all around
And a tearing, cracking, crunching noise,
The sound of library being destroyed.
A pack of mechanical dinosaurs
Relentlessly rip it up
With their great iron jaws
And drill it down to dust
Like gigantic metal demented dentists
Until only rubble remains
Where learning was done
It’s been flattened and smashed
Down to a desolate plain
And so it can been be built on again
Which might apparently seem insane
If profits didn’t seep out
At every stage
To the demolition firm,
And the architects
Whose coffers will swell
To the builders of the new build
And the estate agents as well
Everyone will benefit the Council assures
And soon we won’t remember
What we liked the old library for
But extinction is forever
Rivers never run back
And sheep  always bleat
And predators eat

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