Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A shirt that you hate deliberately

There are times when it is better,
To wear a shirt that you hate,
Than to wear a shirt that you love,
To wear a shirt that fits you like a glove fits a snail
Or that is made from a fabric
Which makes you feel that
Millions of minute and tiny nails
Are continually being driven
Into your skin.
Or a shirt made from cloth so thin
That blobby old skin  shows through
A shirt that does not camoflage the real you
Or a shirt where the colours and patterns
Are so strange
That they make you look like lumps of fresh bloody reptile blubber
Shaking on a plate
And then there are times
When you don such a horror
Realise that you have done it
Go out And the door slams behind you
Its too late mate
But there are also occasions to wear
A shirt that you hate deliberately
When you are going somewhere that
You should never have gone to begin with.
Where the premises are wrong
But you have to have to go along
Uttering words without meaning
That just move phlegm around inside your mouth.
That is when the hateful garment
Speaks truth for you saying look at my shirt and see
How I really think and feel
It is not me, it is not real
I am just wearing the shirt

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