Wednesday, August 12, 2009

pilled up

Gettup in the morning
Take me Metformin
Then I take some Perinodipril
Oh oh-oh oh-oh
I’m all pilled up.

After that I take
My Digoxin
Put some Omeprazole
Into my cakehole
Inhale some Spiriva
Then I’m ready
To go out

I got more pills inside me
Than there are in Burkina Faso
Can’t you hear them
Rattling about
Oh oh-oh oh-oh
I’m all pilled up.

So I forgot to mention
Amolipine and the Warfarin
Oh oh-oh oh-oh
I’m all pilled up.

I take more pills
Than all the Who ever used to
Or than the entire
Population of Moldova
So I don’t die whilst I get old
I’m all pilled up.

When I go down the street
They shake around inside me
I sound like a can full of tin tacks
But I been years paying all my taxes
So now I’m now getting them back
Oh Yes o yes oh yes
I’m all pilled up.

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