Friday, August 01, 2008

The entirely appropriate Reginald

This poem is entirely appropriate,
because it is called Reginald.
And because it is a bespoke poem,
Not ready made
And especially tailored for this moment only.
It is exquisitely crafted
And contains words like
And arquebusphosorounderdrome
Which cannot be found elsewhere.
Some of its vowel sounds and consonants
Have been washed by the spume of atlantic gales
and the soft rains of peat bogged coasts
they have been carefully collected from
The utterance of gnarled Hibernians
Who ply their age old craft by speaking softly
In sail lofts and crofts
Pieces of their speech
Have then been cut, sewn and woven
To make this entirely appropriate Reginald
With all its subtle and softly
Unspoken undertones.

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